Sunday, January 25, 2015

Generation 8:

House Structure: Full House


  Skylar Kahekili

  Career: Education

  Other: Luna Kahekili

  Career: Sculpting

  Other: Jack Kahekili


  Career: Plumb bot builder

  Other: Hawk

  Career: Alchemist

  Children: 3

   Parents: Luna/Devon

  1. Trevor Kahekili


   Parents: Luna/Tanner

  2. Kalen Kahekili


   Parents: Skylar/Hawk

  3. Julia Kahekili

  Generational Goal: Fulfilled

  Miscellaneous Fun: Hands Off

  Generation 8 starts about here: Chapter 79: So Long, Farewell

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Generation 7:

House Structure: Single


  Colin Kahekili


Career: Lifeguard


1. Jacob Sepulveda (mother Tomi Sepulveda)

2. Jada Lively (mother Blake Lively)

3. Nickolas Kahekili (mother Nicole Kahekili)

The Triplets (mother Ivory Mist):

4. Skylar Kahekili


5. Luna Kahekili


6. Jack Kahekili


Generational Goal: Social Bunny
Misc. Fun: Fighter

Generation 7 starts here: Chapter 66: Hacked Off

Generation 6:

House Structure: Couple


  Ryder Kahekili


Career: Dumpster Diver

   Spouse: Cherie Kahekili

Career: Medical


1. Noelle Kahekili

2. Braern Kahekili

3. Colin Kahekili

Generational Goal: Perfectionist (picked the Blogging skill)
Misc. Fun: Hidden Heritage (Cherie is French)

Generation 6 started here: Chapter 57: Mistletoe Kisses

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Generation 5

  House Structure: Full House

  Heir: Alder Kahekili

  Career: Rock Star

  Other: Lia (Camellia) Kahekili:

  Career: Film (Director branch)

  Other: Claudio Monty  (you must be registered at TFMs Sims Asylum to download him)

  Career: Street Artist

  Other:Spring Grace (Alder's partner/wife)

  Career: Mixologist



  1. Ryder Kahekili
  2. Niall Kahekili


  1. Alyssa Kahekili-Monty

  Generational Goal: Opportunist
  Misc. Fun: Runs in the Family

  Generation 5 started here: Chapter 50: University Daze


Monday, November 26, 2012

Generation 4

Heir:  Reilly Kahekili  (you must be registered at TFMs Sims Asylum to download him)

 Marital: Couple w/help

Spouse: Ellyndria (Fae) Kahekili


Help:  Rhys Van Gould  (you must be registered at TFMs Sims Asylum to download him)

# of children: 5

  Parents: Reilly and Elly

1.   Puck Kahekili
2.  Drake Kahekili
3.  Juniper Kahekili
4.  Ash Kahekili
5.  Cherry Kahekili
6.  Cedrela Kahekili
7.  Alder Kahekili
8.  Camellia Kahekili

*note: last 4 were quads

 Income: Private Investigator

Secondary: Farmer/Military

Generational Goal: Expansionist

Misc. Fun: Tattoo Addict

  Generation Four took over here: Chapter 38: Growing Up

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Generation 3

Heir: Kit Kahekili  (you must be registered at TFMs Sims Asylum to download him)


 Marital: Single w/Double Help


  Rylan Kahekili:  (you must be registered at TFMs Sims Asylum to download him)

Nira (Kahekili) Van Gould:  (you must be registered at TFMs Sims Asylum to download her)

 # of children: 3
  • Rhys Van Gould (son of Nira and Tristan Van Gould)
  • Reilly Kahekili (son of Kit and Mina(Wolff) Kahekili)
  • Maya Kahekili (daughter of Rylan Kahekili and Natasha)
  Income: Athletic

  Secondary: Criminal-Thief, and Author

  Generational Goal: Idle Career

  Misc. Fun: Homemade

Generation 3 takes over here: Chapter 23: Welcome to the Family

Friday, October 5, 2012

Generation 2

Generation 2:

Heir: Kei Kahekili

Marital: Couple
First husband--Ethan Wolf (died tragically )

Second Husband---Chaine Szlachta

# kids: 2
Twins w/Ethan
  Kit Kahekili
  Layla Kahekili
Twins with Chaine
Rylan Kahekili
Nira Kahekili

Income: Criminal--Evil

Secondary: Inventor

Gen. Goal: Property Mogul

Misc. Fun: Half Siblings
see kids
  Generation 2 story starts about here:  First Love